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 November 28 2017

There are many types of car repairs and a host of equipment necessary when servicing vehicles either at home or in a mechanical workshop. Here are 5 tools everyone in the automotive industry should be using.

A Socket Set

This is the most essential tool for any mechanic. Vehicles are held together by nuts and bolts and you will need a good socket set to take them apart.

A Wrench Set

Wrenches are sometimes a better option than sockets, and they come in a variety of sizes and types. You will need a metric set which comes in the size range of 10mm-19mm. You will also need a standard set which comes in the size range 3/8 inch to ¾ inch. You will use the metric set the most.

A Complete Set of Screwdrivers

You need a set of screwdrivers that contains all shapes and types of screwdrivers. This is essential as there are specific screwdrivers for different kinds of screws.

A Code Reader

This is a must have for any mechanic! Code Readers plug into the vehicle’s computer system and display a “trouble code” which mechanics can look up when deciphering mechanical problems.

A Jack and Jack Stands

You will need these to do a multitude of tasks ranging from replacing the oil to changing a flat tire and much more. Safety is paramount when using jacking equipment. If in doubt refer to the vehicle manual. Always block the wheels that are still on the ground so that the car will not roll.

Servicing your vehicle in a workshop done by professionals gives you peace of mind and saves you time. They also have equipment such as hoists and a host of other tools.
That being said the above 5 points are a must have for those servicing their car from home, or running an automotive maintenance business. For professional car servicing and RWC Melbourne areas contact Bosch Car Service Ringwood.


Bosch Car Service Ringwood
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