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Bosch Car Service Ringwood
(03) 9879 4559

Bosch Car Service Ringwood is a VicRoads Licensed Vehicle Tester, which means we’re authorised to conduct the inspection required to provide you with a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC). We complete Roadworthy Certificate repairs to vehicles. You’ll need a RWC in Ringwood if you’re selling or re-registering a vehicle, as well as clearing a Vehicle Defect Notice (when required).

Bosch Car Service Ringwood has been an industry leader in Eastern Melbourne for more than 20 years, providing reliable Roadworthy Certificates to customers across Ringwood and surrounding suburbs.

RWC inspections are conducted to check that the key components of a vehicle are in a fit condition for safe road use. If you require a mechanical repair, service or a comprehensive vehicle check-up, please make a booking today.

A roadworthy inspection covers key components of a vehicle ensuring they are in good condition and safe for road use. It includes:

  • Tyres and wheels
  • Brakes, steering and suspension
  • Seatbelts and seats
  • Windows, windscreen and wipers
  • General vehicle structure
  • Lights, indicators and reflectors
  • Other  main safety components such as engine and body damage

When you need to check that your car is roadworthy, Ringwood’s leading auto service centre, Bosch Car Service Ringwood has you covered. We also service the Mitcham, Vermont, Nunawading and Croydon areas, so call now on (03) 9879 4559 and book your inspection.

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Bosch Car Service Ringwood
in Ringwood, Vic
(03) 9879 4559

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