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Photo Of A Child Sitting In Child Restraint Fittings

Ensuring the safety of your child is vital when driving a motor vehicle. 

As stated by the Australian law, children must travel in a fitted seat that is appropriate for their age and size. If this seat is fitted incorrectly, your child may be seriously impacted in the event of a car crash. In contrast, child car seats that are accurately and professionally adjusted with child restraint fittings reduce the risk of harm to your child.

RACV child restraint fittings maximise your child’s safety whilst you drive. 

Whilst it is possible to do the infant car seat fitting yourself, it is recommended that an expert from an accredited fitting station such as Bosch Car Service Ringwood oversee the fitting process.

As a leading independent mechanical workshop, Bosch Car Service Ringwood mechanics are skilled and accredited in all aspects of the child car seat fitting and installation process. 

With Bosch Car Service and RACV AACC accreditations, Bosch Car Service Ringwood delivers industry-leading service to ensure the child seat installation is done right. 

Throughout the entire process, our service people will demonstrate how to fit and install the child car seat so that you can be reassured that you are able to reinstall the car seat at a later date, if needed.

Please note, once the child restraint fitting has occurred, it is important to regularly check the infant car seat and make adjustments as your child grows. This is to ensure the car seat is in the best position to keep your child safe.

Refrain from using guesswork when it comes to taking care of your child’s safety. 

Book an appointment with the expert and accredited mechanics at Bosch Car Service Ringwood, for guaranteed up-to-date child travel advice and a professional RACV baby seat installation. 

For child restraint fittings, get in touch today via our online booking form or contact us on (03) 9879 4559.

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