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 November 28 2017

Your brakes are the most important safety aspect of your car. Many people do not have their brakes or clutch checked until there is a problem with the vehicle. The brakes and clutch of your car need to be regularly checked in order to stay safe on the road and avoid accidents.

Newer cars are now more reliable and can go longer without a service than older models. However, this may mean that you are not checking the essential safety features of your vehicle.

The Braking System

  • Maintain the correct air pressure in your tyres and replace them when necessary. The quality and pressure of your tyres will effect how well the brakes work.
  • Brake fluid should be regularly checked and completely flushed every two years at the most.
  • How often you need to change the brake pads depends on your type of vehicle. The average is every 80,000 kilometres. Consult the owner’s manual for thenumber for your type of car.
  • For every four brake pad changes also have the brake shoe changed.

The Clutch

  • Clutches usually have a fair amount of wear and tear during their lifetime. When properly used and serviced, the clutch on your car will last longer.
  • Regularly check the clutch fluid. Also change the clutch fluid regularly.As with brakes, this should be done every two years at most.
  • Do not use the clutch unnecessarily. Although using the clutch will slow down the car, slowing the car with the clutch will wear it out quickly. Use the brakes instead.

Regular Maintenance

Six months is the ideal timeframe in which to service your vehicle. If you notice any noises or problems with how the car is running in between times have them checked. Bosch Car Service Ringwood Car MechanicWorkshop Ringwood will check your safety features when your car is serviced.

A service sticker will be placed inside your windshield by your mechanic. This will showthe date that your next service is due.

Use superior quality brake and clutch fluid and parts. If your brake or clutch is making any noise such as a squeaking or chirping sound have this checked immediately. Regular maintenance of your car, particularly your most important safety features is important. For Car Service Ringwood area contact Bosch Car Service Ringwood Victoria.


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